This Remembrance Trail project recognises those who served in Papua and New Guinea during the Second World War.

It has been checked by qualified historians and educators, and supports the Australian Curriculum.

Using images, videos, documents and first-person accounts, it personalises historical events to enrich the learning journey.

It explores several themes, including:

  • illness, injury, and loss
  • cooperation between Australia and US forces, Papuans, and New Guineans
  • civilians in war
  • battle terrain and conditions
  • supply, rations and logistics
  • everyday life in war.

It's a way for your students to discover and connect with the experiences and sacrifices of those who fought, and those who supported them.

Alignment with Australian Curriculum

By exploring the source material, students will develop their knowledge of the events, context and significance of Australia’s involvement in the New Guinea Campaign.

Students will learn about the various experiences and perspectives of those involved in the war in Papua and New Guinea.

Year 10 curriculum outcomes

Year 10 teachers will find this Remembrance Trail helpful when teaching certain Australian Curriculum outcomes:

  • An overview of the causes and course of the Second World War (ACDSEH024)
  • Experiences of Australians during Second World War (ACDSEH108)
  • Examination of significant events of Second World War (ACDSEH107)
  • The impact of Second World War, with a particular emphasis on the Australian home front (ACDSEH109)
  • The significance of Second World War to Australia’s international relationships in the 20th century (ACDSEH110)

By reading, listening to, and watching the stories presented here, students develop important historical skills.

This site is not, however, a full teaching resource or the only account of the campaign.

For a broader overview, visit our:

The Australian War Memorial also has extensive educational resources.